Ultra Bond 2000 is an Environmentally Clean Resin Which Is Sprayed on Roads and Industrial Yards to Solve Health and Safety Problems Due to Dust. Our Product is Safe For Use Near Streams and Wetland Areas. Ultra Bond Does Not Wash From The Soil Even In Heavy Rains. The Resins Build Up In The Soil Causing More and More Stable Conditions.

Ultra Pave is Our Asphalt Rejuvenator Product Designed To Seal Cracks and Raveling In Aging Asphalt Roads While Restoring the Oils Lost From the Brittle Road Surface. Our Restoration Process Can Save Costs For Counties and Cities. The Process has a Cost That is a Fraction of That of an Asphalt Overlay.

We Combine Our Asphalt Rejuvenator With Crushed- Recycled Asphalt to Provide an Inexpensive Paving to Unpaved Roads and Industrial Yards where a More Permanent Road Surface is Required. Our Customers can Choose the Ultra Bond Spray Treatment or the Recycled Asphalt Process to Vastly Improve Unpaved Roads and Industrial Yards.

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